Unfold The Beauty of Chanderi Sarees With Shalvi Fashion

Unfold The Beauty of Chanderi Sarees With Shalvi Fashion

Eternal, flattering and forgiving - a saree is an epitome of elegance and a wardrobe staple for every Indian woman. The six-yard finds its meaning when weaved by hands of expert craftsmen of Madhya Pradesh.

The Chanderi craft has been named after a small town in Madhya Pradesh called Chanderi wherein the cotton and silk yarns are weaved resulting in beautiful timeless saris that can be treasured and passed through generations. A saree is not about to fit in but about standing out, an attire that can never be outdated. 

Sarees make a great first impression at events and bring an understated elegance around. Did you know there are more than 100 ways to drape a saree!? But it is the Nivi drape that is seen most often.

There is no limit to the world of sarees as the variety of saree is countless and makes you fall in love with this outfit. Amongst all types of saree, Chanderi is one of the finest weaves that occupies a special place due to its centuries-old weaving technique.

The beautiful amalgam of silk and cotton accented with Zari woven work make it every handloom connoisseur’s go-to choice. Let's dive deeper into the world of Chanderi sarees -

All About Chanderi Sarees

Many families are practicing weaving the Chanderi for many years, and it is one of their primary sources of earning. Chanderi is not limited to only one kind of fabric but it is classified into three types: Chanderi pure silk, Chanderi cotton silk, and Chanderi cotton. This fabric is lightweight, gives a luxurious feel, and is very comfortable. 

The Chanderi cotton is a one-stop destination when it comes to formal attire. When Chanderi cotton gets a touch of various Indian motifs, it becomes perfect to uplift your personality.

The beautiful kalamkari, designs of bagh print, a touch of ajrakh print, and shades of dabu print on Chanderi cotton can make it extraordinary. Both Chanderi Silk and Chanderi cotton Silk are popular and perfect for any occasion due to their shiny texture and luxurious beauty.

Block print chanderi saree

The Chanderi sarees are in trend for any party, festival, formal event, and a wide range of different designer sarees are available in the market nowadays.

The designer Chanderi saree is highlighted with elegant gold threads to create a stunning border on the saree - beautiful with different artwork of patch, thread, pearl, stone, Kundan, gotta work, beads, crystals, and whatnot that makes the designer Chanderi saree a popular one. 

One of the biggest reasons behind the popularity of Chanderi is beautiful buttis and motifs. Separate needles are used to create different motifs and butis on the Chanderi sarees and are handwoven.

Gold Print Chanderi saree

Bundi, churi, Keri, dandidar, jangla, etc are some popular motifs. The beautiful bright colors with the touch of golden zari and buti give it a decent and elegant look.

The beautiful motifs and use of bold colors in Chanderi Sarees have increased its craze in women and hands down it's perfect for any event. Usually, black is not considered a traditional color but the Chanderi saree makes your personality an exceptional one when the beauty of fabric combines with glints of golden thread.

There are more such colors like white, beige, gold, tan, or brown in Chanderi sarees that can enhance your look and at the same time, keep you comfortable.

Floral chanderi saree

Chanderi is a traditional ethnic fabric that has characteristics like lightweight, sheer texture, beautiful luxurious feel, and intricate border designs. So, let's deep dive and know about these characteristics some more.

  •  Transparency: 

    Sheer texture or transparency is a feature of Chanderi fabric that makes it breathable and differentiates it from any other fabric. Chanderi fabric has transparency because of the single quality of yarn used. This flature yarn can be of both cotton as well as silk, and both fabrics are comfortable during every season.
  • Trends connect:

    Chanderi fabric is one of a kind and holds a special place when it comes to traditional wear. Heavy Chanderi silk zari saree, Chanderi silk cotton with a beautiful print, and Chanderi cotton with a light texture can never let it out of trend.
  • Summer friendly:

    The sheer texture or transparency lets the airflow through it. Thus, you can wear Chanderi in any season. During summer, Chanderi does not stick to your body and keeps you comfortable and relaxed by reflecting the heat.
  • The beauty of border:

    The border is one of the features of the Chanderi saree which makes it look more enticing. The golden border with beautiful motifs is unbeatable and perfect for any occasion.

No doubt the Chanderi saree can be a factor behind uplifting your personality but you should know how to carry and flaunt it. The choice of a blouse, jewelry, and Chanderi type is very important when you wear it.

You can pair a rich look Chanderi saree with a plain designer neck blouse, or if you want to carry a simple, elegant saree, then a heavily embroidered blouse is perfect for you. The jewelry you include with the saree should go according to the fabric.

Like if you are carrying a rich look designer saree with heavy work on it then, you should always prefer a light, slick golden necklace. Or if you are wearing Chanderi cotton printed saree, then oxidized jewelry will be a perfect match.

You can browse through a variety of Chanderis for any occasion with us. Chanderi has three types: pure silk, chanderi silk cotton, and chanderi cotton.

It’s not advisable to wear a designer pure silk chanderi to a formal meeting. Similarly, you can’t wear a simple cotton printed chanderi at a wedding function. 

The Trend of Chanderi Is Evergreen

No matter how many western trends come and go, Indian fashion trends will always have their mark and the craze of saree in women’s hearts will always remain the same.

Chanderi sarees were, at one point, the symbolized royalty because of their elegance, and the women still applaud their beauty.

Designer Chanderi saree

The situation is still the same, women’s love for this fabric is never going to fade away. Many celebrities have opted for Chanderi sarees for different events and award ceremonies.

For example, famous actresses like Rekha and Vidya Balan always ace their saree look and flaunt it with elegance. Chanderi sarees are famous and have created their spot worldwide and are continuing to do the same.

A perfect matching accessory for a saree is not any jewelry but the personality you carry. There is no better option than Chanderi Saree to uplift your personality. You can explore the premium Chanderi saree collection at our website here.